Argonwood is an independent game development studio based in Cologne, Germany. Working across a range of unfashionable genres, they look to shake up stagnant game mechanics and infuse them with fresh new ideas.

The core team consists of brothers Chris and Manu Fernholz, a programmer and an artist who have been designing games their whole lives. Having started out in the world of pen-and-paper and board games, the pair have been developing smaller PC games since 2013 - and are now confidently approaching their first large-scale strategy title, Rising Lords, due to release in 2019.


We also work with Freelancers around the world to help us achieve our goals:


Hendrik – Sounds and Music
Cameron –“Flappy Dappy Games” – Programmer
Andreas –“The Any Key Support” – Network Programming
Leandro – Programmer
Philipp – Social Media and Homepage Design


Also we are working with Game If You Are as our marketing partner.